Soon Chun Hyang Hospital – International Clinic Itaewon

Full hospital with an International Clinic.

SCH Hospital – International Clinic Itaewon

The International Clinic at Soon Chun Hyang Hospital is a ten-minute walk from Itaewon Station in the direction of Hannam-dong. The hospital has over 800 beds, 350 doctors, and almost 500 nurses. The advertise a rate of over 60% of their doctors receiving training overseas, with over 100 specialists.

International Clinic Advantages

The International Clinic assists in reservations and an initial health screening. After a review of medical history and symptoms, they determine the best treatment for the patient. That could be in the International Clinic or with a specialist. After treatment, they assist in payments, whether that’s with your private insurance or national insurance.

If you’re looking for an international clinic in Itaewon, SCH is a convenient option. Their English-speaking staff can help with the entire process. They’ll do their best to make your visit as smooth as possible.

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  1. This is not the hospital you want to go to.

    This is not the hospital you want to go to. They will trick you into pain. I was misled into a treatment that was unconventional and painful. In my opinion, it is better to visit a doctor that is familiar with conventional medicine and holistic medicine in the west. Korean doctors are not well educated in all aspects of treatment. Profit and conventional medicine rule.

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