Foreign Food Mart

Biggest selection of imported food.

Foreign Food Market – One of Itaewon’s Best International Markets

The Foreign Food Mart is a well-established international market in Itaewon. They stock many kinds of imported food from around the world and some home-made products as well.

Although you’ll find better prices on iHerb  (10% off every order with coupon code WOX750) and at Costco, Foreign Food Mart is a great option.

There are also other hard to find products such as western-made deodorants, chewing tobacco, teas, cheeses, raw nuts, seasonal candies, and limes. They have a small produce selection, a huge amount of frozen meats (even Thanksgiving turkeys), and much more.

Perhaps the greatest aspect of the Foreign Food Mart is the uncertainty of what you might find. You never know what might be on their shelves, whether it’s that great product from your home country that E-mart doesn’t carry or it’s something you’ve never seen before. It’s always a fun place to browse.

Directions: From Itaewon Station exit #3, walk straight to the stop lights and turn right. Foreign Food Mart is on the left about 50 meters up the hill.

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